Instructional Philosophy

My goal is to empower people to use information wisely and ethically. I see information literacy skills as playing an important role far beyond the academic environment, affecting all aspects of life including health, employment, knowledge, and well-being.

Library Instruction

Libr 100

My approach to instruction incorporates small-group and class exercises to foster student participation and learning.

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It is my practice to tailor each orientation to meet the assignment and class level, based on confering with the instructor, and to make use of emerging technology in library orientations. I have taught research skills to many classes including English 100 and 102, English 110, English 848 (composition & reading), Biology 240 (microbiology), CRER 120, CRER 121, ESL 400, Psychology 200 (developmental psychology), Soc 100, and Soc 110 (marriage & family).

Instructional outlines

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Web 2.0 Workshops

In spring and fall of 2010, I collaborated on a series of Web 2.0 Workshops for students. I developed and taught one workshop entitled Creating Blogs and Websites and another entitled Online Citation/Bibliography Tools. This work involved the creation of a website to host the instructional content (including a sample blog and website I created to demonstrate the content) as well as developing online signup/feedback forms and a corresponding libguide.

Collection Development

I developed collections in several subject areas supporting the CSM curriculum and community.


In collaboration with ESL faculty, I developed a collection of titles to reflect the levels of ESL instruction at CSM. In addition, I created an online guide to ESL resources and a flyer to promote awareness of ESL materials.

nuevos libros photosSpanish

Spanish collection development and display.


I developed a selection of titles supporting new classes in the astronomy department. The titles cover topics such as photometry, astrophysics, stars and stellar evolution, and the sun.

Database Review

I collaborated on a major project to review the CSM Library subscription databases to ensure appropriate coverage of CSM subjects and to reorganize them by subject to improve access to them by students.

Faculty Presentations

Faculty Workshops

I developed and taught three workshops for faculty on Flex Day in spring semester 2012. The topics included Highlights of Library Online Collections, Films on Demand, and Ebooks.

I co-presented, with Library Dean Lorrita Ford, information about library resources and the information competency requirement to the Counseling/Learning Center faculty.

I made a presentation about using the online database Films on Demand to Creative Arts & Social Science Division faculty in October 2011.

Research Guides

I created research guides listing print and online resources in several subject areas. They can all be accessed here.

APA Citation Style & Formatting

Electronics Technology

Botany 220: Plant Diseases

English as a Second Language (ESL)

Career and Job Resources

Fire Technology

Criminal Justice and Google Apps

Library Marketing and Planning

Library of the future

I created this password-protected website to serve as a document repository for articles related to the evolution of library spaces and services for the use of the library advisory committee.

Library brochure

I created this brochure with Photoshop and MS Publisher and took several of the photographs.


I created displays to promote the Spanish collection, as well as to promote awareness of heart disease and obesity.

Web Graphics

Student and Faculty Survey Data

I drew on data from three years of CSM surveys of the campus community to create charts showing the perception and usage of the library's services and resources by students and faculty over time.

Library Newsletter

I edited and wrote articles for two library newsletters and published them in flipbook and .pdf format.library newsletter photo

Professional Development

Professional Development Grants

I was awarded professional development grants by CSM to attend two annual conferences of the California Academic and Research Libraries Association. I also attended two annual meetings of the California Conference on Library Instruction and one California Library Association conference.